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How Bullying Works

Poem by: Harmony A. Perry

Bullying happens every day without half the world knowing

Bullying is not a victimless crime

Bullying has long term effects that can hurt anybody even you

Someone could be a victim without a voice

Someone needs to speak up for them

It could be you it could be me but someone needs to speak up now

Before it’s too late

If time runs out there will be guilt, pain, and sadness

You could tell an adult but will that show your weakness

So you just bottle it up inside

Covering your weakness with a fake smile

As you go on with your school day

You go home but one thing you should never do at home

You cry, you try to conceal your tears but… can you really

You quickly stop as your parents walk in you put on a fake smile

They ask about your day it was completely horrible

But you smile and say it was good

Little do they know your secretly lying what could they do about it anyway

Call the school make a bigger situation

Been seen as even more weak

You come home after a whole gruesome week and you just can’t bear your pain

You breakdown at dinner after telling your parents

You talk to a counselor every day

The problem is fixed

If you or someone is a victim of bullying please tell someone this is a problem that needs to end now help the cause!

First Star

By Destiny Goins

By the first star I see

Wait, what… aren’t we tired of the old wishing prayer

I say we make a new one….. so haw bout this.

Wish upon a star so beautiful and bright

Here’s my wish of the night.